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Monday, January 7, 2008

New Sweater

I just finished this sweater. I bought the pattern and yarn online. It was a fairly easy sweater to knit but since there is 5 different color waves, I kept running out of yarn. So had to wait for more to come. It was 3 skeins of yarn more then what the pattern says. I checked my gauge and I was on target. So I really don't think it was me. That aside, I do like the sweater even though I look like a roly poly in it...LOL I think, if I had known the yarn was so bulky, I probably wouldn't have made it. Or if I would have realized how much it was going to cost. I was going to take it to Venice with me, but because it so bulky I can get my jacket over it. So I will wear as a spring jacket rather then a sweater. It is very soft and warm. I really love the colors.
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