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Sunday, April 13, 2014

What started as a necklace is now wall art.

  Last week I started this necklace designed by Maggie Meister. It's in the Aug/Sept 2013 Beadwork magazine. Anyway, I ran into some problems with the instructions about the tubing that you have to bead around for the stem. The tubing I had was too big, so I didn't use it. I just used the soldering wire that it called for instead. After working on it for a week, and  suffering with terrible neck  pain, I finally got the stem, leaves and berries done. I thought "do I really want this for a necklace?" " Is the stem firm enough and will the berries stay where I put them, is the whole thing too floppy?"  You see, that was what the tubing was for. The soldering wire wasn't enough. OK, ah ha moment. I need to have a piece of art work by this coming Tuesday. I belong to the Hilton Head Plantation Artist Association. And next Tuesday we have to change our exhibit at the Plantation House. So I took an 8 x 8 canvas and painted it black. I made an 8 x 8 quilt, did some hand quilting, made a small quilt put it on top of the larger one and then add what was supposed to be the necklace.
Wah La ! Wall art.....I think its kind of cute.


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

So it's now April, and I'm finally back to write on my blog. It's only been two months. I guess it's better late then never. However, only if someone is reading it. Anyway, I have been busy creating. My quilt "My New Neighbors" won a blue ribbon at the Palmetto Quilt Guild showed three weeks ago. It was a wonderful show with many great quilts to look at, and my 1st ribbon from my new guild.  The following week it was in the Mancuso show in Savannah. I didn't win anything there, but getting in the 1st place is very satisfying. I really enjoy the show and of course spent a fair amount of money at the vendors.

Now I'm working on some beaded jewelry. I finished my free-form necklace and just love the way it came out. I also made a pair of earrings and a bracelet.

On May 3rd, Hilton Head Island has an Art Festival at Shelter Cove. The Hilton Head Bead Society will have two tables outside the Nash Gallery. I will be one of the members who will have work for sale.

Monday, February 3, 2014

My New Neighbors

Yesterday I finished my Quilt. "My New Neighbors". I am pleased with it, but can see where I would do things differently if I was to do it again. The background is in the style by Gloria Loughman. She is from Australia and  I just love her work. The white egret is from a pattern I bought many years ago from Connie D. Roys.  A Pine Meadows Design. I just embellished it a little. The birds flying in the background are photos that I printed on to fabric and fusion on to Timtex and than with a little gel medium glued them to the background. The grass is floppy and that is the way I want it. Just tack down here and there.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Post started on Dec. 29, 2013

Wow, where did the time go. It has been 5 months since we moved to So. Carolina and into our home. Now it's almost New Years eve and we are again driving back down south after spending the holidays with family and friends. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and let's hope 2014 will be better for a lot of the folks out there who are having a rough year.

Anyway, I have been busy settling into my new home. Decorating is so much fun and something I really enjoy. I rather do that than shop for clothes. My new studio is in one of our bedrooms and it has been slow going as far as getting it organized. I did change out the rug for hardwood, but I had to wait for the Container Store to have there 30% sale on their Elfa storage system to go sale. They have that sale every Christmas until the end of February. That was one of the things we did while we were in NY. I should be getting it this week some time. Can't wait to finally unpack all my fabric and art supplies. I'm also working on a wall quilt for over the fireplace. It's so beautiful down here. And I have been inspired by all the birds and flora fauna.

It's now January 29th, and another month has flow by. I got my storage system for the studio, and I love them. I had bought wheels for them. What was I thinking? Wrong choice. Every time I put out a drawer the whole thing moves. I had to take them off and return them. Other than that, they are great. Also the container store is a very good company to buy from. My Elfa was shipped to my house, and unfortunately one of the tops was damaged. I also realized that I wanted name tags to put on the drawers.(I'm trying to be Organized....LOL) The name tags came to, think 8.95 and the shipping was 9.00. When I called about the top I told them about the tags. They sent me a new top (I was told to keep the old one) and they wavered the shipping on the tags.  Enough said.  Here are some photos:

I also bought a portable design wall. Right now I have a quilt on it, that I'm working on. 

                          I love the high ceilings. I now have more places to hang my work.

This is my desk. Believe it or not it's neater in this old photo than it is right now.The shelves whole most of my beads,crystals and tools for jewelry making. If I tried to clean it up for a new photo, I would never get this posted. And another month will go by. 
Well that's whats going on down here in the Low country. I will try not to take so long in posting again.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

A New Beginning

As I sit here trying to think about what to write and how to explain how I'm feeling at this moment. I get a jittery sensation in my chest. The movers will arrive this Monday and my husband, and I will be moving from this house of 42 years. We will also be leaving the State of NY and heading to South Carolina. This will  big step for us.  Sometimes it doesn't feel real, more like we are planning one of our trips. And then I think about who I will be leaving behind. I feel bad that my Daughter is upset that we are moving and I hope she will come to enjoy that fact that we now living in a beautiful resort area where she and my grandsons can come for vacation. And it's not like we won't be back for visits.

And than of course there are my friends. Friends that we have had for most of our married LIfe and longer. And they better visit...LOL....and I expect we will still be taking our trips together. Than there are my Quilting Friends, they are the best. Supportive both creatively and emotionally,through all the ups and downs. They will be a hard act to follow.  So goodbye to Yorktown Hgts NY

                                               And hello Hilton Head South Carolina

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Prada exhibit in Venice

I was going to post this sometime ago. I had so much frustration with posting and adding photos that most of the time I didn't want to bother. Today out of the blue blogger decides to cooperate. Yay!

No way am I fashionista. Oh, I like nice clothes, but I don't really  follow designers. While in Venice though I got a chance to see the Prada exhibit. What fun. My husband and I got a real kick out of it. Here are some photos I was able to take.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


One of the reasons I go for long periods of not blogging is that a lot of time it's a constant fight with blogger. For instant, I have spent two days trying to customize the background on the blog with my own photo. I've resized several photos, and I still get " your photo is too big " .  WTF. Finally, I get a photo uploaded. I press done; I  press apply to blog, it said template applied. Did the background change? NOOOOO! Then there are the posting photos. I decided to upload my photos first then write. However, I can't get to the top of the page. Not only  that there is the blue font that is underlined, and I can't get it to stop underlining no matter what I do. There's more but that's enough bit*hing for now. If you read this thanks.
I needed to vent.