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Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Dress Challenge

In my last post mentioned I needed to name my Fiber art quilt. Well with the help of my friend Joyce, it now has a name. "Fantasy Floral" Yay! So glad to get that out of the way. I'm afraid that my creativity does not lie in writing.

Now, on the next little quilt that I just finished. This one is for another Art Quilt group that I belong too. It will be part of the Northern Star Quilter Guilds' Show in May.This particular challenge is called the dress, Finished size to be 10"x 14". Since, in my previous life I made fashion dolls, I have many books on period clothes. I also have access to old Ladies Home Journal Magazines that belong to the Yorktown Museum. The hardest part of this challenge was to decide which time period to do. I finally settled on the early part of the 20th Century. Everything was done in Photoshop and then printed on fabric. I named it the "Ladies of Fashion" Not exactly the greatest name. But I told you I'm not very good at naming my work.

Monday, January 23, 2012

FANE gallery show for 2012

Every year the FiberArt NE aka FANE group, of which I belong, has a gallery show at the Mahopac Library. This will be our 4th year. The show will be in May and will coincide with Northern Star's   quilt show. Which is always the 1st weekend in May. The gallery show on the other hand will run for a month. I'm not sure of the exact dates.  The last couple of years we have had a little book printed with our work. This year It was decided to print a tutorial on the technique's used to create some of the pieces.
It should be very interesting to see. I'm afraid I never got around to make up a technique sheet so my quilt won't have a how to page. That's because until a couple of days ago I had know idea what I was going to do. And so missed the deadline.All the quilts will be 12" x 12" mounted on a 18" x 18" white canvas.

People always ask "How long did it take you"...How do you answer that? Does thinking about it for several months count? Spending hours going through photos for inspiration count?  Bye the way this was inspire by a rug at the Winn Hotel in Vegas. Once I've decided on what to do, the actual work zips along at a pretty fast pace. Especially, if I like how its coming out. This time, I decided to incorporate my love beads into the piece. So this little puppy here took about 3-4 days. Now I need a name. God, how I hate trying to think of a name...Ughhhhh!

Friday, January 6, 2012

A New Bracelet

I had a Party to go to in the City. That's NYC. It was for a friend visiting from Australia. I have a group of girlfriends from all over the world. We have nicked named ourselves the Sisterhood of the Traveling Scarves. And when anyone of us are in a city at the same time we have a get together. This time it was close to home. Theme for the party Black and Silver. So you know I had to make a new Bracelet to wear. I already had the LBD (Little Black Dress).
Katina & Me
Jeannette, Katina, Ellen & Me

Here are all the sisters who where able to come to the Party that Ellen graciously gave. And Let me tell you she certainly knows how to throw a party. Starting on the left Katina, Kelly, Ellen, Pat, Me, Kathy, and Jeannette

OMG I can't believe I ate the whole thing

                                         asparagus in oil and garlic and  rice balls 
                                                                       stuffed peppers
                                                                  stuffed baby artichokes
I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. I certainly did. It's funny, but I can be pretty good about controlling what I eat around the holidays Except when I get to my daughters' house. Way to many Italian goodies. You see what I mean? The main course was  homemade pasta with truffle sauce and a fresh ham...I'm afraid to get on the scale...LOL Just kidding ..I didn't eat the whole thing.