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Monday, February 28, 2011

Vegas part 3- Bellagio Hotel

I took these photos at the Bellagio Hotel . They really don't to the Hotel justice. The Chinese New Year display was magnificent . Enjoy them

This ceiling of glass flowers by Dale Chihuly  is in the lobby. 

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Las Vegas part 2

Here we are at the Venetian Hotel. It has a Disney look to it. But I loved it anyways.  It just mades me ansty to get back to the real place.  Kind of like a tease. I mean, yes it's very clean.  Just look at the water.  It's not green...LOL...But it lacks a patina....LOL....This gondolier was singing Volare and we started to sing along with him...You should have seen the look on his face...I don't have a particularly good voice but what's the saying inVegas..."What happen in Vegas stays in Vegas"....LOL

 It's very weird to see the Rialto Bridge with cars driving under it...Instead of the vaporetto....

Friday, February 25, 2011

Las Vegas

I just got back from Las Vegas Wednesday night....It was a quick trip just 3 days. I went to visit a friend who moved out there sometime ago....This was the first time I've been back in almost 25 years..Things have sure changed.   My friend Gail and I decided we had enough NE winter weather and  booked a package. We stayed at the new city center Aria Hotel.  Very modern, lots of glass very little pizazz. Lobby is fairly boring. Anyway nothing is all bad they have a very nice pool & spa area.  The room was large and very nice. Very High Tech. All kinds of buttons for the lights,TV, Radio and even the drapes.
Our room with a King size bed. We asked for 2 queens but apparently they have very few of those.  I've never heard of hotel not having many rooms with 2 queen size beds..
                                                    The was a lounge area outside the spa.
these are 2 very nice fiber art pieces

I think this was the best part of the hotel.   I lost a big $5.00 on the penny machine..LOL I'm not exactly a high roller.. We saw 2 shows Barry Manilow and Elvis Cirque l'soile .  We had a nice time. Would I recommend this Hotel? Not really. I spent one day looking at the other ones, Venetian and the Bellagio especially, were much nicer. I also like the Wynn. 

Now I will get ready for Italy and the Verona Show.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Playing in Photoshop

I've been playing in Photoshop again. Now I have to see how I can convert one of these projects into small quilt.
I don't want to just print this out on to fabric as one piece. I would like to layer it. To give more depth. So I'm open to suggestions as to which one is THE ONE...I can't seem to make up my mind. I can also combine
pieces of each to come up with the perfect quilt...so let me know what you think....