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Friday, April 24, 2015

Moving right along with my new MAC. I had a little set back the second day. I feel so embarrassed, but no one told me there was a on/off button in the back. Even when I called the geek squad at BestBuy. Even brought it into the store. The fellow plugged it in and it went on. I asked what did he do. He said nothing. OK. I pack it up, take it home plug it in and nothing. Drove me nuts. At this point I was to tired to fight and gave up for the night. Next morning I call Apple Support.  She says "do you hear and sounds when you power up?" I said No! what do you mean power up? I thought I was powering up. She said there's a button on the back of the MAC. OMG! you can't imagine how stupid I felt. I had thought it powered up by pushing the little arrow in the upper right hand corner on the keyboard. That's what I use on my MAC Air. 

I've have called Apple support on different issues in the past and they have alway given me the best information. I can't say enough good things about them. I live to far to take their free classes, but if you live close enough I highly recommend taking them.

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