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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Mexico and The Wedding

I like said last month....Or I should say Sept. my husband and I went to Mexico (Puerto Vallarta) for a wedding. This was my first real trip to Mexico. I don't count a day trip to Tijuana in the 80's as a trip to Mexico... We stayed and a beautiful Villa. Casa Carol Ann. The views from our bedroom were spectacular (one of 11 bedrooms) Most of the wedding guests and the Bride and Groom stayed here. If you google Casa Carol Ann you will see what I mean. President Nixon once stayed here in the 70's. The staff couldn't be nicer. (I'm not used to be waited on). The saddest thing is that in 2 years the place will be torn down and replaced with condos. It seems to be the big thing there.

The wedding was in the Cathedral in town.

The Bride and Groom looked so happy. I never cry at weddings but this one was very special.

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  1. Max, I just love the necklace that you made to go with a bracelet. I wish I didn't have an old wrinkly neck.