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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Today is turning into a really good day. On Aug 10th I entered 2 of my necklaces to be considered for a exhibit at the Bead Museum Washington DC. The competition is being sponsored by the Bead Society of DC. Sept 3rd was to be the day they were to notified everyone and so I have been on pins and needles for the last couple of days. Thinking, that since I didn't hear anything, that I didn't get in. I just needn't to put myself out of my misery.....lol....So I e-mailed the contact person. I asked if only the people who were except got a notice. Because if I didn't get in I would like to post the pictures of my work on my blog. She was so good. Not even five minutes after I sent the e-mail I got an answer. YES I got in. She apologize for the delay and said I would be getting a official notice later today. Yes, I received my official notice. I'm so excited that I'm having a hard time sitting still even to write this. So folks, you will have to wait until after the Gala Reception(Sept. 20th)to see my necklaces. I will be going to the Gala, love that word, Gala . Sounds so posh. It's even black tie. I was surprised that my husband said yes without my having to beg......lol ...He thought it was a great idea.

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