Handmade Beaded Jewelry

Saturday, November 8, 2008

New Work

I know I haven't been posting all month. But that's because I have been working hard to get new work done for my guilds' boutique. Which will be Nov. 18th. So, my usual dilemma is, do I work or do I post. And since I like to have pictures to go along with my posts, It kind of slows me down. Anyways, I have lots of pictures of what I will be selling. Please feel free to contact me for prices. Absolutely no obligation. So here goes. Comments appreciated.....Oh, and if you click on a picture you will get a closeup.

More to come. Also if there is something you are interested in my slide show, by all means contact me.....


  1. Wow I love your jewellery, You are very talented, I especially like the organic freeform bracelet, beautiful

  2. Maxine these pieces are all different and beautiful! I especially love the fourth from the bottom, the leather with gold white and greenish pearls and crystals. Keep on beeding my love! Merle