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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Here we are in Mykonos OMG this place is so beautiful

I couldn't resist taking this shot. Read the name of the store.....But I have the real Prince.....LOL

These are just few of the pictures of Mykonos


  1. Alright, Maxine, I'm impressed, first by your beautiful pictures (made me feel like I was there all over again) and second by your video with music. Wonderful! I'm taking a lesson on my Mac next week and I'm going to learn how to do this. Do you have a Mac?

  2. HI Norma, Thanks I'm so glad you enjoyed my pics. No I don't have a mac. I did this in windows movie maker. Had a real good time. I'm now working on the rest of the trip. I know I should be quilting...LOL