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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Awhile back I started this quilt. Along the way it has made a few changes and now I'm happy to say that the top is done. Yayyyyy! I had spent last weekend taking it apart (very frustrating)because I realized it wasn't square and there wasn't enough of the background to make it square.So when I put it back on to a new background fabric I decided on a couple of changes. Background is larger and I added a quarter inch flange. In the end I like it much better. So the next step is to mark it for quilting and then layer it up.
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  1. Very nice, Maxine! What is 'love' or 'rapture' or 'everlasting' or some such word in LATIN????? I'll bet you could find something very romantic in Latin for this. Debbie Bein

  2. Oh, it's so beautiful. You have spent many an hour on that project, and more to go!! You surely are one determined woman. :)

  3. how about calling it "Will we or Wont we?"
    since you were not sure if and how it would all come together???
    looks great!!! beautiful !!!

  4. it came out beautiful! proposed title: "Un momentino" (loosely translated a brief moment) the opposite of the effort it took to make.--jamie

  5. It looks great, Maxine. I'm with Debbie. Give it an Italian name. Having been there so often, I'm sure you can think of many.