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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Selling Doll Collection

In 1970's I started collecting dolls. I started first with International Dolls and then when I started making porcelain dolls. I soon began collecting Original Artist Dolls. Now it is 40 years later and I'm ready to let them go. I haven't made any dolls since 1990. And no longer belong to any doll clubs. I've moved on to other things. Like jewelry and quilting. Now I want to sell the entire collection. I really need the space. So I've decided to set up a little shop here on my blog.


  1. What kind of dolls are they? How much are they going for? can you post some pics?

  2. I have a couple of Madame Alexanders, several Effenbee's and then there are the international dolls. I also have many doll artist dolls. many by NIADA and ODACA Artist. I would be glad to post photos. In fact I was planning too but got distracted by some family business. Prices will range from $5.00 on up....Is there anything in particular that you are interested in? You can email me privately if you wish.