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Friday, September 16, 2011

The Lover's

I started this quilt sometime ago. I'm really, really happy that it's finally finished. There was a lot of aggravation and a lot of lessons learned. I took it apart so many times I lost count. And my poor friends who had to listen to me kvetch through the whole process. That is a true sign of friendship...LOL...Thanks guys.....     


  1. It was worth all the effort. It's gorgeous!

  2. to stay with that project that long is true love in itself! Congratulations, it's beautiful!

  3. The center is really sweet, the borders are perfect for the subject and that quilting... OMG!
    I totally like this quilt!

  4. Thank you all. It's so nice to read all of your wonderful comments. I'm glad i stuck with it. There were times i all most threw it away. Especially when, while trying wash out the quilting marks the fabric ran. Fortunitely the color soak to the back of the quilt. And i was able to get it out. This quilt will be at the Dutchess Heritage quilt show this weekend.

  5. Simply gorgeous, Maxine!

    I'm glad you stuck with it to so we viewers could appreciate it!!


  6. It looks well worth the work. You did a wonderful job.