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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Today I'm rearranging and cleaning out my studio and my son's room. Which has become a dumping ground for excess crafting supplies.
These are 3 master molds of my dolls. Dolls that I had sculpted during the early 90's. Now I haven't made a dolls in almost 20 years and I don't have any of my molds left. So I can't make any even if I wanted to. And yet it is so hard for me to put these 3 pieces in the trash. I feel like I'm throwing away my babies...Silly, isn't it. I haven't even looked at them in years. Well, I will bite the bullet and toss it...
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  1. Greetings, Maxine!

    First, I want to introduce myself- I'm Betty! It is a pleasure to make your aquaintance!

    I'm a relatively new blogger, however already I am enjoying it so much! I like making new friends!

    What a wonderful blog you have here! So colorful and full of excitment! I'm a very visual person so I really like art!!

    I'm inspired by your eagerness to never stop learning and by your designs!

    I will be stopping by often!!

    I hope that you don't toss those beautiful molds- I don't think its silly at all to think of them as your babies- im sure they are a part of you!

    I'm sure there is someone out there that can benefit from them! I hope you will donate them to some facility!!


  2. They're probably gone but maybe not. Perhaps you can paint or fabric or add pictures to the molds and use them as wall decor.

    Or sell them as the art they are ...

  3. Thank you all for your comments. I often wonder if my answers to your comments get back to you. But I will answer some here now and sent it out into the world and maybe you will see them...LOL. To Betty your enthusiasm is refreshing. Thank you for following my blog. To Anonymous. Too late I already tossed the models. But don't be dismayed. I still have a couple of finished dolls made from said models. I will eventually get around to photographing them. And hopefully post them....

  4. oh no, you tossed them? How could you? I would have gladly taken them off of your hands, or even if they had been put on ebay, but not to discard.

  5. Oh gee! Now i really feel bad. I really didn't think anyone would want them....but thank you for the thought.