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Sunday, April 13, 2014

What started as a necklace is now wall art.

  Last week I started this necklace designed by Maggie Meister. It's in the Aug/Sept 2013 Beadwork magazine. Anyway, I ran into some problems with the instructions about the tubing that you have to bead around for the stem. The tubing I had was too big, so I didn't use it. I just used the soldering wire that it called for instead. After working on it for a week, and  suffering with terrible neck  pain, I finally got the stem, leaves and berries done. I thought "do I really want this for a necklace?" " Is the stem firm enough and will the berries stay where I put them, is the whole thing too floppy?"  You see, that was what the tubing was for. The soldering wire wasn't enough. OK, ah ha moment. I need to have a piece of art work by this coming Tuesday. I belong to the Hilton Head Plantation Artist Association. And next Tuesday we have to change our exhibit at the Plantation House. So I took an 8 x 8 canvas and painted it black. I made an 8 x 8 quilt, did some hand quilting, made a small quilt put it on top of the larger one and then add what was supposed to be the necklace.
Wah La ! Wall art.....I think its kind of cute.


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