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Monday, August 25, 2014

Fabric Dying

Last Saturday I took a fabric dying class with some ladies from my new guild. (Palmetto Quilt Guild of Hilton Head Island). It was on St Helena Island and little over 1 hr. away from HHI.  I had a grand time even though I thought I was going to drop from the heat and humidity. First we did immersion dying and I love what the final results. Here is a photo of the first half of our day.

Very very happy.

Then came the afternoon. By now I'm pretty much dragging my you no what. And it shows in my second try of dye painting and shibori. Well the blue shibori is not so bad but the folded one is yucky and so are the other 2 pieces.

I was thinking that I might use De-colorant on the last 3. 
Any way this is what I've been up to. Mean time, I am getting ready to leave for Italy on Friday. Meeting up with my traveling friends, Sisterhood of the traveling scarves. Woo hoo looking forward to it.


  1. yes the blue shibori is very pretty

  2. They are all good beginnings. Don't despair; the green/red is very pointsettia. Think about cutting and reconstructing. Think about hand quilting the highlights. The colors are all clear and vibrant; a look I love. My suggestion is, don't plan, just start. I think you'll be surprised and inspired. If not, send them to me😊

    1. Great suggestions. But I think I'll let it sit for awhile and let it peculate. let it tell me what to do....

  3. They all look lovely and probably very beautiful in the right project. I think you are near to perfection .