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Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Well Thanksgiving has come and gone. I hope everyone had a enjoyable one and that you didn't eat to much. LOL..ya sure. Mine was great. Especially since I don't have to cook. This is my husbands favorite holiday. When he gets to cook for his family and anyone else who wants to join us. I did make stuffed artichokes and rice balls. In honer of my Italian Grandma. But I did that the day before.
I've been very busy lately make jewelry . I got a very nice commission from my Dentist. He wants 6 free form bracelets for the girls in his office. I have 3 done for him and one that's for me so far. Here is a photo. I'm very please with the way they turned out. By doing the free form instead of a patterned bracelet. My dentist has made me come out of my comfort zone and stretch. This is what he requested. I'm also going to post some of my other pieces. Hope you like them. This is a necklace that I made to go with a bracelet. I sold the bracelet and then made another. Which sold soon after it was finished. Well that it for now. Have to get back to work . After all I have 3 more bracelets to make...

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  1. Those bracelets are absolutely terrific! I imagine the blue is for you...! I wish I were one of your dentist's office girls! You are doing great when you go beyond your comfort zone. Go for it, girl!