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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The last 3 bracelets.

Yay!! I finally finished that last 3 bracelets for my client. Wow that sounds pretty cool. My client..... Today I will deliver it. I'm very please with the way they turned out. I worked non stop until they were done and I definitely need a trip to the chiropractor LOL....but in the end I got a bracelet for my self and the start of a free form necklace...while trying to hit my stride.

Yesterday I printed out my own business cards. I've done this before but with little success. Mainly because my old HP printer doesn't like any other paper then regular white printing paper. So it would jam or the ink would smear. But I now have a new printer. Another HP, but a 3-in -one C5180and it's work fine. I also have an American greetings card program . I was able to put a picture of the turquiose necklace on the card. Came out real nice...I'm so very pleased when I don't have to curse at the PC first before I get something done....LOL
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