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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

3 weeks in Venice

Well the 3 weeks have gone by in a flash. I know, I said I was going to blog during my Grand Adventure in Venice to learn Lace making. Well this is Italy and not all goes as planned.

We left on Jan 9th. The plane ride was cramped. Surprisingly filled. No spare seats to spread out. And no chance of a little sleep. We arrived on the 10th safe a sound and caught the Alilaguna to S. Marco. While on the boat we were trying to get our phones working. That was a bit of a challenge. And a good thing that Elizabeth understands Italian. But still frustrating. We were able to get in touch with our apartment representative Irene. She met us at the stop and walked us over to the apt. TIP #1 pack lite . We had to go over several bridges and some of them did not have ramps for luggage. Also the apt we had was 1 flight up and no elevator. These are very old buildings that have been converted to apts. I was please with the place. Two bedrooms two bathrooms a living room and kitchen. There was supposed to be wireless, but it had not been activated???? I was told ,maybe in a week....So we had to wait for someone to come over and hook us up to dial up.That was about a week into our stay. And by then we were busy taking classes and doing homework. In between trying to do a little sightseeing. After all We're in Venice. So you see there really wasn't anytime to blog. Especially on dial up ...The apt. never did get wireless while we were there.
We dropped off our stuff and went out to lunch. Then back to apt for a nap.
The next day we went to Burano and the lace museum. To get an idea of what we were to learn how to do. We met our teacher for the first time on Sunday. A very elegant lady. I felt like a schlep dressed in my slacks..LOL.. she came everyday dressed in a skirt and sweater and wearing her pearls. Elizabeth did the translating for us. All went very well. I really wished I could talk with her myself. We both have grandchildren about the same age and I felt we had a lot in common. I learn a few words and she learn a few in English....
That's it for now. I'll be back with more tomorrow.....Ciao

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