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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Been awhile since I've written. But I've been busy
hopping from one project to another. This is one of
the projects. I started this quilt a few years ago.
The pattern is from Gabrielle Swain's book
"from a quilters Garden"
. I'm on a quest to finish all my UFO's.
For the non quilter that means unfinished objects.
I have a fair share of those. LOL And not only in quilts.
I also have socks that I started. One done and one to go.
And then there is a sweater that I started before I went
to Venice.
Anyways back to this quilt. I have photographed 2 layouts.
The 1st one is from the book. Its nice but I'm trying to
change it a little. So I'm leaning towards the 2nd one.
Love to hear some comments.
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  1. Hello, Maxine.....since Jane encouraged us to check out your blog and let you know that, yes, we are out here in cyberspace! This is the first blog I have ever responded to...love your Venice pictures....nice to see you yesterday in Larchmont...beautiful exhibit, wasn't it....Martha