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Friday, March 21, 2008

Frutta di amore

I think everything sounds more romantic when said in Italian. That is why I named this quilt frutta di amore. LOL...I designed and may the center block for this quilt in 1999. It won a online block contest. 1st place for appliqué. Can't remember what the prize was. Maybe some batting. Wasn't anything big...LOL....Anyways it sat for a couple of years because I had know idea what to do with it. When a round robin was suggested by a group of friends I decided to use it. Well, a couple of more years went by. I had all the blocks that every one made. But they all didn't mesh well together except for the 2 Celtic corners and the pinwheels. So I decided to use just those. I had to make more pinwheels and 2 more Celtic corners. I felt bad because I wasn't going to be able to use what everyone else had made. But my friends are the greatest and they said not to worry about. I will save the other blocks for something else. Now it is finally done and I will put it in the Northern Star quilters guild show this May.

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