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Friday, December 4, 2009

Disney World part 2

We also loved the firework displays. Especially at Epcot. Illuminations. We saw it twice. Awesome. That all I can say. If you're going to Disney World , it's a must see. We also saw the parade and fireworks at Fantasy Land. After dinner at the Italian Restaurant in Epcot we came out on to the Piazza (It's made to look like San Marco in Venice) There was an acting troupe just beginning their show. Which was called Romeo & Edna. Scene 1 Verona.....And guess who they pull out of the audience to play Romeo. My man Tom. And did he ham it up.

You can hear me laughing myself silly as I was recording this. He really got into it...Who knows maybe he has a new career...here are a couple of more pictures. It's really cute but of course can't compare to the real thing.

Here are some more pictures of our Disney Adventure. Notice how big Joseph's gets. This was the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

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