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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Sisterhood of the Traveling Scarves

I have a group of online girlfriends. They're from all over the world. We all met in the Italian Forum on TripAdvisor and have been hanging out online for the past 2yrs. Last February a group of Ladies got together in Rome for the first time. There is a webcam on top the hotel next to the Pantheon, so they would tell us what time they would be there, and we would all get online to watch as they waved to us. It was such a hoot. People passing must have thought they were nuts waving their scarves at the webcam. If they even knew there was a webcam there. Anyway this March there is going to be another meet up. I was not able to go last year, but I plan on going this year. We will meet up in two places this time. Rome and Venice. Did I mention we nicknamed ourselves the Sisterhood of the Traveling Scarves? Hence the title at the top. In our conversations someone mentioned t-shirts, and I thought what a great idea. Then Michelle sent me a web page of an illustrator from Australia. Her name is Shell Sherree . I just fell in Love with her work and so commissioned her to do an illustration for our group. So that's three of us standing in a gondola in front of the Pantheon.

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  1. Maxine--- this illustration is amazing! Now your group has a more than just a great name! I can't wait to meet you all :) Buona Feste!