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Saturday, April 2, 2011

A gift for Yvonne

Last month I asked people to give there opinion on which design, that I had done in Photoshop, was their favorite. Now I would like to thank everyone for their input.  Even the person who said that they were awful....LOL...   But that's OK....Anyway the reason I asked that question was because I wanted to know which one my friend Yvonne like best.  Like, which photos she preferred.   I was being sneaky....hehehe....I made this quilt for her, to thank her for changing her flight to Venice just so she could see my quilt in the Verona show...The 3 coins on the quilt are Australian, USA quarter and Italian Lire. One for each country. Australian for her, US for me and the Lire for Italy. The place that brought us together....On thinking back on it, I really should have found something that represents the Internet and  Trip Adviser. Well to late now...


  1. Oh, that's so beautiful, both the quilt and the thought behind it.

  2. This piece of art will have a special place in my home. You're a thoughtful, talented lady, Maxine. Thank you!