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Thursday, March 31, 2011


 We are home now from a wonderful trip to Italy. I can't express how wonderful it felt to have my quilt excepted in this Italian venue. I think my Nonna would be so very happy for me. I didn't win any awards but it really doesn't matter. My quilt hung in a gallery in Verona. And I got to see it, and meet people and make new friends. I'm a winner already.

The other day I was thinking how very polite and civil the Italians are. For example: While being seated in a restaurant the couple next to us (the tables are sometimes very close) acknowledged us. And when they were leaving wish us Buona Sera (Good evening) This happen most of the time. Even on the train going from one city to another. If we were sitting next to someone and they got off before us, they said goodbye. You walk into a store and its Buon Giorno and when you leave its Arrivederci...Please and thank you is always used.  I wish I could say the same for us New Yorkers. I'm going to try and keep this in mind when out. I think sometimes we are in such a hurry that we forget to be polite. Arrivederci everyone,


  1. HiMaxine :) You're right, here is considered "good education" to say everytime "buongiorno" "arrivederci" and so on. I also consider good education to say "thank you" to the waiter at the restaurant. We learn this since childhood so it's natural for us. But also here there are rude peoples.

    I've read (don't remember when nor where) an article about how people stay in the elevator in Italy vs USA. In Italy we stay in the elevator face to the center so we look the others. And sometimes we tell few words to others (you know the kind of small talk about the weather).
    In the article was said that in USA people stay in the elevator face to the door and don't speak. I see this also in american movies and comedies, is this really true?

  2. Silvia I could only speak for my part of the country NY. Yes it is true. But I have to come to the defense of my fellow New Yorkers. They are not being really being rude. It's just not safe to be overly friendly in public places like elevators. Especially for women. That's not to say NY is a dangerous place. It's that some Men might take your smile as something more. I do find that down South in my country people are usually more open and friendly. I think it depends on the size of the town you are in. I live about an hour outside the city and people here are in general more open and friendly.

  3. Hi Maxine,
    I just got back from a month in sunny AZ and am trying to catch up on emails and blogs. I loved seeing the show in Verona. The quilts look fabulous, as does yours! What a wonderful experience. I enjoyed all of your Italian pictures and can see plenty of quilt inspiration there. What next?

  4. Love lifts us up where we belong. God bless you. See the power of Positive thinking within you. Please follow my blog. Positive Thoughts

  5. Very friendly people! I hope to go to Italy in the future.