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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Back in January I went to Venice Italy with 3 other women
to take a lacemaking class. If you scroll down you will see the
Lily that we all made. Our teacher Cristina Brunello
gave us each a pattern to take home with us. So that we
can make a small doily. Well, I have finished mine.
Considering that I had to wing some of it. (most of it)I don't think it can
out half bad. I'm rather pleased with it. Even through
I can see my mistakes. But then I'm my own worst
enemy....lol (Aren't we all ) So, now that I finished it,
Can I call it Venetian lace? Or do I say in the style of
venetian lace? Since I make it here in the good old USA.
(Tongue in cheek)hehehe....Anyways, I really enjoyed making it and I look forward to making something of my own design....
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  1. Your lace is so cool! You're right Venezian lace sounds much better than, say, Yorktown lace.

    How big is the piece?


  2. Bravisima! Que bella! Me piace molto. Translation: Bravo! It's beautiful! I like it very much. I can't imagine how difficult it is to create something like this is. Wow!

  3. it's beautiful! i took a lacemaking class in Vermont two years ago, so I can appreciate how difficult this is... I haven't touched my project since i left the class room, my bobbins are waiting faithfully for me to open the box, i think...