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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Making your own liquid starch

Did you know that you can't fine liquid starch at the supermarket? Spray starch only. The reason I have been looking for it, is because, I'm paper piecing and pickle dish pattern for a quilt. Barbara Barber was one of the guest Lecturers at our Guild show. She recommended starching your fabric. (It should stand up by itself) This is the best way to get really sharp points. Well let me tell you it really works. But stray starching takes to long. Sooooo, I went on the web and looked up recipes for starching clothes. This is what I got. In a large bowl or pot, stir 1/2 cup Argo cornstarch into cup of cold water. Stir in boiling water (2 quarts for heavy solution; 4 quarts for medium and 6 quarts for light solution). Dip the cloth into starch solution let let dry. I put everything in the washing machine on spin cycle. To get the excess liquid out and the I put it in the dryer for a little while. Best not to dry completely but if you do, dampen with warm water and then iron. I could not believe how easy it was to iron. Wrinkles came out so fast.... I think our mothers new something. Works much better then the spray.

If you have a free moment and would like to see the quilts that were in our show, click on http://northernstarquilters.com/ They have a running slide show of all the quilts.

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