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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Athens June 3, 2009

Athens is a very large and crowded city. I have nothing against old buildings, but these were 20th century old dirty buildings. With absolutely no charm. All we got to see was from the port to the metro station and from the metro to the Acropolis. We had a hard time trying to read the signs and finding the metro so we could get to the Parthenon. We got there eventually after we asked about a dozen different people, including the police. I should have done more research but I had assumed that Princess Cruises would give us more information on how to get around. I learned my lesson.. Cruise ships are only interested in selling their over priced tours. They really aren't into helping the independent traveler. We finally get to the Parthenon which was mobbed with tourists. So, what else is new?

It was a little disappointing. It's hard to get a sense of the history of a place when there is scaffolding all over the place. But I realize that it was necessary for the restoration of the buildings.The weather was very hot. I would recommend going earlier then June or in October, when the weather should be more comfortable.

And now for the most exciting part of our visit to Athens. As we were getting on the train going back to the port 3 young men surrounded my husband Tom, who was the last of us to get on the train. One guy was behind him and the other 2 were on each side hemming him in so he could not go forward. Since he is a retired cop he knew right away what was going on. As the one guy grab his wallet, he grabbed him and off the train they go. I go after him and jump in because I didn't want the guy getting away from Tom. Gail and Larry are behind me. Tom’s yelling “give me my wallet” The guys is trying to get away and I’m hanging on to his shirt. He's dragging me and I ripped his shirt. Larry had the second guy, yelling into to his camera Police Police. They think it’s a phone. The guy Tom had freaked and dropped the wallet. Tom kicked him in the a-s and we got their bags……I don’t think they expected us to fight. They saw what they thought was easy pickings. A couple of gray haired tourists with their wives, but we’re NYC breed and you just don’t mess with us…LOL…..All in all no one got hurt and that's the most important part of this experience.

I had posted this report on Trip Adviser and had gotten some interesting comments. Would I go back? I would like to. There are many fans of Athens and so I would have to believe that there is a lot more to see and do. And of course nicer sections of the city that I missed. I certainly would not judge a city by this one incident.

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  1. That's some story about the pickpocket. One person on our tour had his wallet stolen on the last day with all his money and credit cards. Not too many people would have done what Tom did.
    I went and looked at all your Picassa pictures and thoroughly enjoyed the visit. It was like being there all over again.