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Monday, May 31, 2010

New Quilt - working name "Roman Couple"

This is were I'm at right now. I had plan to put several different mosaic tile one in each corner. But was talked out of it buy some of my friends. Who's opinions I value I decided to just go ahead a square it off. Right now I'm auditioning backgrounds. I like the black. It is the same as the black around the picture. I just think it needs something else just before the black. Maybe another 2" ring. I don't have any more of the off white (beige) fabric left. Here are 2 more ideas...Opinions would be appreciated....


  1. I like it best just left as a circle...your photo from Wed post. It loses something with the added ring against the black, I think. Maybe no added ring against black? Really lke the circle though. Not an expert here, but just my thoughts.

  2. I like the black background, but I think the mosaics would look good in the corners.

  3. Norma your post did come through on the blog. They always tell me it didn't go through on your also and it always does...You don't think that the mosaics in the corners will be to much. I can do them and if they don't look good I can save for another quilt.

    Gloria- A round quilt is just to hard to hang and I don't want to deal with it. Thank you both for posting....Maxine

  4. I like the black for a square border - should be square, though - what you are showing is rectangular. I think this piece is going to look good offset with a generous sized border. The beige circle? I can take it or leave it - I guess I would be inclined to leave it or at least make it a bit narrower than the 2 inches you show. Not sure what size this is - but you might consider making it a masterpiece by adding a very large pieced or applique border. Keep rolling along with your theme and see where it takes you. You might not be done yet!

  5. Try the mosaics in the corners, I think you need them to balance the composition.
    Sometimes you have to thank people for their input and say you want to try it your way. I had a very similar experience involving strong cheddar orange sashing, I went ahead & it made the quilt sing. Come see it