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Friday, January 14, 2011

Challenge Quilt

Every year one of the quilt art groups that I belong to, has a challenge. This year my friend Debbie is the coordinator. We all received a fat quarter of polka dot fabric in different color ways. We were to make 12 square mini quilt in any abstract design we can come up with.  This is a stretch for me because I don't generally do abstract.  And really, one I'm not happy doing.... here's is my contribution.     

 Now, if you want to see a really nice one go visit my friend Norma's blog.


  1. Hi Maxine, I'having trouble with your email. I've replied to your email both this morning (night for you) and right now, but the mail still come back with error.

    I attach here my reply, so you can read it :)

    ----- Original Message -----
    From: OrkaLoca
    To: Maxine Oliver
    Sent: Friday, January 14, 2011 8:23 AM
    Subject: Re: Verona

    Hi Maxine,
    well, what I know about our custom is:
    if you sent an envelope usually it isn't stopped at the custom, boxes are
    If the value of what you send (the value you write on the shipment label)
    plus the shipment cost is more than 22? the custom charge 20% plus a fee.

    In general you've to think that the larger is your box, the higher is the
    chance it is stopped at the custom.
    I've bought fabrics from USA and I can tell you that a priority mail
    envelope takes usually 15 days to arrive, without custom, but a priority
    mail box take about 1 month and stops at the custom.

    This is if you ship whit postal service. I think the things are differents
    if you use a private carrier, like TNT or similar, and pay for a shipment
    that guarantees the delivery in a given number of days.
    May be organizers still have to pay but the custom is faster.

    In the call for entries the "due date" is February 1st but is stated that
    this is a postmark date, not receiving date.

    I know it could be expensive, but I suggest you to to use a private carrier
    if you can. I also use a private carrier when I have to send something
    outside italy, and also if I've to send something important (like quilts)
    inside italy.

    Oh and don't forget to put a note woth your quilt to make really really
    clear that you want your quilt to be returned only with a full trackable
    shipment. ^_*

    I hope this can help you.
    If you've other question don't hesitate to ask :)


  2. I think your challenge is terrific! Those fabrics were not easy to work with and I think you did a great job. How sweet of you to send people to my blog.

  3. Hmm, my original comment went into ether happy-land, I reckon. Your piece is good, it would make a great painting. Get Katina onto that!

  4. Okay this design is really artistic and the you can see the originality of it. Nice work!

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