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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I'm going to Verona

You can't imagine how nervous I was to open that email...I'm beside myself with happiest.  Doing a happy dance around the house...Now where are those cheap flights I kept seeing and didn't book....


  1. Hey Maxine, I'm so happy for you!!! I'm in also! :)
    You know the Murphy's law... now all cheap flights have flown :p
    I hope you'll be able to come here. :)

  2. so incredibly happy to hear this news :)

  3. Hi Max, we (the Royal we) KNEW you'd get in! No surprise here, haha! CAN YOU POST A PHOTO OF IT HERE? And you need to tell us about it, the inspiration, the technique, etc.....what do you say? Your pal in quilting and other stuff, Debbie Bein

  4. Congratulations, Maxine!! Can you post a picture of the quilt? And I hope you find that cheap flight! Verona.... ah!

  5. Fantastic, Maxine! I wish I had know earlier. I would have taken your quilt to France and mailed it from here. I just arrived yesterday. I would have given you a mucho discount price!!