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Monday, January 10, 2011

Ruby's quilt

I just finished this top for my latest new great niece. Oh and she is the sweetest little girl and so adorable. Her name is Ruby Rose. Anyway, I been trying to keep busy today while I wait to see if I got into a juried show that will take place in Verona Italy in March. Notifications are suppose to go out today.Well, it's now 2:35p here so that means 8:35 there. I guess I will have to wait another day. This can be very nerve racking.  In the mean time I will now move on the next baby quilt for another great niece due any day now.
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  1. Hi Maxine, thank you for yourn comment :)
    Here are 9.16pm right now, I think we will have to wait till tomorrow, if not the day after. May be that the jurying process has needed more time than thay thought.
    I cross my fingers for me and you ^_^

    this baby quilt is really nice, I think Ruby Rose will love it ^_^