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Monday, March 21, 2011


One of the rooms at the Pitti Palace. Taken before I was told NO photographs.  Which was strange because I didn't see any signs about not taking photos...Maybe I wasn't looking in the right places..
We arrived in Florence on Friday and stayed for 3 days. So after we checked into our hotel we took a walk to the Central Market.  They were just starting to close so we walked over to the Duomo. Took lots of pictures and then decided to climb the Bell Tower. 414 steps to the top...What possessed me to do that is a mystery....LOL...I guess I wanted to prove to myself that at 66 of age I can't still do it...Well we did. And what   amazing view of the city....I really felt I accomplished something...very satisfying.

Saturday we  visited the precious stone museum. What a nice museum. Such beautiful works of art. Paintings that where then interpreted in mosaics.  All I can say is WOW. I took loads of pictures. I just might interpret one into a quilt. After lunch we went to the Pitti Palace. Sunday we visited the Academia and saw the David. I was standing next to a guild who was lecturing on the David..Very Interesting..No pictures of David though. I found the signs..NO PHOTOS
The bottom is the painting and the top the mosaic rendition 


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  1. Max -- nice shots. When are you both due back in beautiful downtown Yorktown Heights?

    Jim from Hilton Head