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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Milan and My last day

Well my trip to Bella Italia is almost over. Tomorrow we leave for home. Today was such a beautiful day here in Milan. And we were able to go to the Duomo and climb to the top.  Yes, that's what I said, climb to the top. We did not take the lift. Come on, next to the bell tower in Florence this was a breeze. Only 250 steps as apposed to 414..... Duomo is truly amazing piece of architecture. I took a lot of photos of the stain glass windows inside. But really, it doesn't do it justice. The photos outside and on the roof were much better. Here are just a few 



It was beautiful sitting up on the top. Sun shining and warm. So very relaxing. Lots of young people up there just laying on the roof soaking up the sum....After we left the Duomo we walked over to the Sforza Castle. We just walked around the grounds. We had no desire to check out the inside and walk up more steps...There is a limit...LOL..

 We walked through the court yards of the castle. All the way to the back. And found a beautiful park. Spring has started so some of the trees were blooming...I think they maybe cherry trees, but I'm not sure..I did see some magnolia's in bloom though...


  1. That Duomo looks so beautiful. Good on ya, climbing some more stairs. Now, if only you could find something like that at home, eh? :-)

  2. Beautiful. I especially like that fourth photo, of you with all that amazing architecture behind you.

  3. Thanks Mac, We're glad we had a chance to see it, But I doubt we'd go back and stay in Milan again.